Past shows:


December 13th - Nate Smith, solo!

November 8th - Ryan Pasakinskas!
with Carolyn Cullen, Bethany Price and Nate Smith
October 11th - Linda Markey!
with Doc Arsenault, Tom Bisset, Hal Pederson, Tom Duncan and Nate Smith
September 13th - DADGAD Rick Gottlieb!
with Tom Bisset and Nate Smith
June 14th - no feature
with Bob Goodwin, Rick Beausoleil, James Clune, Dave Baldini & Nate Smith
May 10th - Dan & Faith Senie!!!
with a banjo guy whose name I forgot, John Papp, Nate Smith
April 12th - The Trude & Tag Duo!
with Nate Smith
March 8th - Fishken & Groves!
with Nate Smith and Ken Hasselbrack
February 8th - Jack Kid!
with DADGAD Rick Gottlieb and Nate Smith
January 11th - Chuck & Mud!
with Hal Pederson and Nate Smith


December 14th - SNOWED OUT!! by the 2nd Blizzard of 2013, Electra!!
November 9th - Rich Eilbert with Nancy Abrams and Nate Smith
October 12th - Hip Swayers with Ken LeBlanc, Skip Jackson, Ken Hasselbrack, Mac Cole and Nate Smith
September 14th - Ergo Canto with Brian Dickens, James Clune, Tom Hanlon w/Leslie Bryant, Heidi Jeldres w/Paul&Dana
June 8th - Fran LaMalva with Nate Smith, and forgotten
May 11th - Dave Lister with Nate Smith, Ken LeBlanc, and James Clune
April 13th - Peter Fischman & Deb O'Hanlon with Nate Smith, Jeanne Sable, Ergo Canto, Tom Hanlon & Leslie Bryant, Judith Christianson & Leslie & Tom & Paul Beck, Mistah Dante
March 9th - Gayle Picard with Nate Smith, Dave Lister, John Papp & Ursula Sturms, Fran LaMalva, Nancy Beaudette & Chris and Dave Gaudet, possibly others
February 9th - SNOWED OUT! by the 1st Blizzard of 2013, Nemo!!
January 12th - Eric Blackmer! with Nate Smith, Ken Hasselbrack, Vinny Jamison, Jenny Backstrom, Ergo Canto .


December 8th - Music For The Season with Nate Smith, Sandra Frerichs, Bethany Price .
November 10th - Patty Keough with Nate Smith, Sandra Frerichs, James Clune?, Bethany Price?, Beth Babineau & Gee? .
October 13th - The Jazz Depot with Nate Smith, Sandra Frerichs, Jonee Earthquake and Billy Casper .
September 8th - James Clune & Vinny Jamison with Nate Smith can't remember yet .
June 9th - Vinny Prendergast & the Sons of Blarney with Nate Smith, James Clune, can't remember yet .
May 12th - FLAIR! (Roger Fluet & Lee Villaire) with Nate Smith, James Clune, Dan & Faith Senie, Bob from Brooklyn, Tag & Karen Vennard .
April 14th - Michael Troy with Special Guest Chuck Williams with Nate Smith, James Clune, Chris Gerstner, Mac Cole, others .
March 12th - An all-night Open Mike with Nate Smith, Skip Jackson, Glenn Sylvia, Hal Pederson, James Clune, Gee Boyd and Bethany Price .
February 11th - The No Name Fiddle Band along with Nate Smith, James Clune, forgotten .
January 14th - Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards along with Nate Smith and Steve Pavao.


December 12th - Music for the Season with Special Guests Nate Smith, James Clune, Paul & Paula Luria, Michael Sean Boyd and forgot....
November 10th - Dave Gaudet with Special Guests Lee Villaire & Roger Fluet along with Nate Smith, James Clune.
October 8th - The Mark Fisher Trio along with Nate Smith, Dan & Faith Senie, Peigi Chace & Chris Gerstner, Jane Fallon, and Deuce Coop (Rick & Kate).
September 10th - Lydia Fortune & Phil Nigro along with Nate Smith & Keith Penniman, James Clune, Friendly Folk, Chuck Williams, Keith & Elaine, Michael Troy and The Hip Swayers.
June 11th - Carl Goddard along with others Nate cannot remember .
May 14th - Luis Gonzalez along with Nate Smith, Warren Rasmussen, Bert & Rhonda, Friendly Folk (Nancy, Jeanne & Hal) .
April 9th - Rob Seigel with special guest Ron Israel along with Nate Smith, Roger & Steve, Christiana Gerstner, Peigi Chace .
March 12th - Still River along with Nate Smith, Bert Berthiume, Greg & Michelle McConnell, Friendly Folk (Hal, Nancy & Jeanne) .
February 12th - Daisy Flowerchild & the Leftovers, with Special Guest Bill Kehoe along with Nate Smith, Dana Blake, Christiana Gerstner, Ron Israel, Pat Kenneally, Tag & Karen Vennard .
January 8th - Roger Fluet & Ken Holland with Raianne Richards & Mark Mandeville with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, Lynsey Smith, Bert & Rhonda Berthiume, Steve Pavao .


December 11th - Music For The Season with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, Old Shoe (Paul&PaulaLuria), Rick Beausoliel, Glacial Till (EricStanway,JamesTaylor,Tom&Chris), Glenn Silvia, Jane Fallon, Ensemble .
November 13th - Ellsworth & Hicks & special guest Poor Howard Stith, with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, Kip Ferguson, Carl Goddard, Roger Fluet .
October 9th - Jack Kid & special guest Massachusetts Kevin James, with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, Ken "Tank" LeBlanc, and probably others .
September 11th - Friendly Folk & special guest Mike Nutter, with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, and memory losses .
June 12th - Nate Smith & Special Guest Tom Duncan with BruceBert, Jane Fallon, Roger Fluet & Ken Holland, and Gale Gardiner.
May 8th - Carl Goddard & special guest Dave Baldini, with Nate Smith & Dana Lorway, Cedwyn Morgan's new band Lizards of the Hayloft and memory losses.
April 10th - Heidi-Jo Hanson! and special guest Gaetana Brown and with Nate Smith & Tom Duncan, Nancy Despres, Bob Pope, Roger Fluet, Rick Beausoleil, and Amber Hanson.
March 13th - Bernadette! and special guest Jane Fallon and with Nate Smith & Dave Blomquist, Dan & Faith Senie, Carl Goddard, Ken LeBlanc and Seth Connelly.
February 13th - Tag & Karen Vennard & band with special guest Aurelia Carter and with Nate Smith, Dana Lorway, Gary St.Laurent and Cooper & Kenneally.
January 9th - Vieux Soulier (Paul & Paula Luria, Leo LeBlanc, Rich Gosselin and Den Poitras) with special guest Gale Gardiner and with Keith Penniman, Dana Lorway, Nancy Beaudette, Roger Fluet, and Friendly Folk.


December 12th - Music For The Season with with Nate Smith, Ken Hasselbreck, Paul & Paula Luria, Gary St. Laurent, and Keith & Elaine.
November 14th - The Trude Witham Group with Special Guest Jeanne Sable and with the Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Keith & Elaine, Brian Crystal & Jo-Anna, Roger Fluet, Nate Smith & Nancy Despres.
October 10th - Two Cat Folk with Special Guest Tom Smith and with the Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Rick Beausoleil, Dan and Faith Senie, and another solo Nate Smith.
September 12th - Gayle Picard with Special Guest Gary St.Laurent and with the Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Keith & Elaine, Ken LeBlanc, Nate Smith and Eric Blackmer.
June 13th - Carl Goddard and the Boulder Coffeehouse Band with Chuck Grant and Eric Blackmer
May 9th - Fran LaMalva and special guest Jack Kid with the Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Ken Cleary, Nate Smith
April 11th - Peter Fischman & Deb O'Hanlon with special guests Dave Richard & Brian Herrin with the Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Rick Beausoleil, Ken LeBlanc, Carl Goddard
March 14th - Terry Kitchen with Nate Smith, Keith & Elaine
February 14th - Bernadette Weimer with The Boulder Coffee House Band, Nate Smith, Ken LeBlanc, Jim Hatch, Peter Cormier, Tag&Karen Vennard
January 10th - Kip Ferguson with The Boulder Coffee House Band, Tag&Karen Vennard,Nate Smith,Keith Penniman, memory loss


December 6th - Music For The Season with The Boulder Coffeehouse Band, Dana Lorway, Chuck Grant, Jane Fallon, Jeff Root, Old Shoe (Paul & Paula Luria), Rattlesnake Hill (Cedwyn Morgan, Laura Senechal), Nate Smith, Pat Kenneally, Keith Penniman and everyone ensembled
November 8th - Cooper & Kenneally with Tag & Karen Vennard, Fran LaMalva, cannot remember
October 11th - Stuart Ferguson with Keith Penniman, Nate Smith, Cooper & Kenneally
September 13th - Frank Cable & Orionstar Band with Keith Penniman, Nate Smith, Ellis Ralph and Judi Neal
June 14th - The Boulder Coffeehouse 10th Anniversary Show!!! with Poetic License, Chuck Grant, Jack Kid, Warren Rasmussen & Terrie Morreale, Keith & Elaine, Rattlesnake Hill, Ragged Heroes, Pat Kenneally, Bernadette, Carl Goddard & the Boulder Coffeehouse Band
May 10th - John Schindler with Bernadette, Nate Smith, Pat Kenneally & Rick Cooper, others i fergitz & the Boulder Coffeehouse Band
April 12th - Work In Progress with Cedwyn Morgan, Nate Smith & the Boulder Coffeehouse Band
March 8th - BERNADETTE with Gayle Picard, Nate Smith, Carl Goddard, Keith Penniman & the Boulder Coffeehouse Band
February 9th 2008 - Randy Browning with Dana Lorway, Nate Smith, Carl Goddard, Chuck Grant, ...memory cells...
January 12th 2008 - Gayle Picard with Pete Cormier, Ed Thomas, Meadowsweet, others and Randy Browning


December 1st 2007 - Music for the Season with Ellis Ralph, Pat Kenneally, Carl Goddard, Nate Smith, Keith & Elaine, Rattlesnake Hill, Meadowsweet, Old Show and the Boulder COffeehouse Band
November 10th 2007 - Mark Fisher with Dana Lorway, Tag Vennard, Carl Goddard
October 13th 2007 - Bongo Poets with Ellis Ralph, Dana Lorway, Gail Gardiner
September 8th 2007 - Ragged Heroes with Tag & Karen, Warren&Terrie (Meadowsweet), Nate Smith, Keith Penniman, Carl Goddard
June 9th 2007 - Carl Goddard and the Boulder Coffeehouse Band (special double show)with Pat Kenneally, Warren Rasmussen, Ken LeBlanc, Brian Dickens
May 12th 2007 - Two For The Show with Ken Cleary, Nate Smith
April 10th 2007 - Jane Fallon with Chuck Grant, Ellis Ralph, Steve Rapson
March 10th 2007 - Terry Kitchen with Nate Smith, Rich Lent, Carl Goddard
February 10th 2007 - Bernadette! with Tag & Karen Vennard, Dana Lorway, Ellis Ralph, Rich Lent
January 13th 2007 - Fishken & Groves with Dan Adams, Mac Cole, Pat Kenneally, Chuck Grant, Teri Canty


December 2nd - Music For The Season with Nancy Despres, Tag & Karen, Rich Lent, Old Shoe, Rattlesnake Hill, Ellis Ralph, Pat Kenneally, Carl Goddard and 2 incarnations of The Boulder Coffeehouse Band!
November 14th - Rob Siegel with Tag & Karen, Steve Brisson, Skip Jackson
October 14th - Pat Kenneally with Ken LeBlanc, Rich Lent, George Deliyiannis, Carl Goddard, Ellis Ralph
June 10th - The Boulder Coffeehouse Band
May 13th - The Late Bloomers
April 8th - Carl Goddard
March 11th - Jack Kid & Paul Riechmann
February 11th - The Rambling Floyds
January 14th - Bernadette


December 2005 - Music for the Season
November 2005 - Work in Progress
October 2005 - Warren Rasmussen
September 2005 - Oivan Ilo (Finnish band)
June 2005 - The Boulder Coffeehouse Band
May 2005 - Jeanne Sable
April 2005 - Late Night Radio
March 2005 - snow cancellation
February 2005 - Jack Kid & Friendly Folk (Hal Pederson & Nancy Despres)
January 2005 - Warren Rasmussen


December 2004 - Music for the Season
November 2004 - Ellsworth & Hicks
October 2004 - Bernadette
September 2004 - Carl Goddard
...records elsewhere...

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