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There are 8 tunes up there for streaming into your computer: The Elevator Man & Children of the World from Backdrop Mirage and The Curious Incident of the Pizza Delivery on the Outskirts of Las Vegas & A Little Bit More & The Windowsill from Damage Control and Cant Buy Into It & The Purgatory Express & Waking Here In Your Forest from Landfall.

Copies of Landfall & Backdrop Mirage are available again!

Where you might just be finding me these days

Upcoming Features & Gigs & Things:

January 2nd, 2015: featuring at the GALA Art Show Coffeehouse, 7:30pm-9:40ishpm 205 School Street, Gardner, MA 01440

In the precambrian past I was known to make many appearances & occasional features at these open mics:

sometimes occasionally the Folkin'A in the Webster House Restaurant, Worcester, hosted by Mac Cole
(See the Folk'n'A website).
or even more diabolically: the Cantab Lounge Central Square, Cambridge, hosted by Geoff Bartley

Heidi Jo's Open Mike at that den of iniquity, The South Gardner Hotel (SoHo!)
Occasionally Bill McCarthy's open mike at Greendale's on the north side of Worcester.

William's Pub & restaurant in Gardner, MA, hosted by Bernie Frenette


1st Fridays:
The Open Mike at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Peterborough, NH, hosted by Jack Kid

2nd Fridays:
The Open Mike at the Meetinghouse Stage, Rindge, NH, hosted by Dave Lister

All other Fridays:
Hosted by Captain Picard, The Coolest Place On Earth (TCPOE) at the Main Street Cafe in Groton, across from The old Groton Inn. More info might be found here

Wasa Street in Gardner!!!! The newest artist conclave in Massachusetts - right in Gardner on 9 Wasa Street in the renovated church so amply & warmly welcomed by host Bethany Price. Bring a potluck dinner or toss some money into the jar. No alcohol, please. Sound by JBSound!! You can get studio quality recordings!

==> But I would be remiss not to mention the absolutely fine thing they have going on right now in downtown Fitchburg at the Chaibo's. Wonderful stuff.

Saturday nights: (except in the summer months of July and August)
Joe Bourgeois' excellent open mike at the Polish American Citizens Club, known as the PACC, off Rt. 2A in Gardner, west side.

2nd & 4th Sundays: The Parish Center for the Arts, hosted by John Ferullo of Two Cat Folk (John Ferullo & Betsi Mandrioli), and the PCA is not to be confused with the PACC.

A very useful link:
Sam Bayer's great open mic listing!

My attempt to take over Jon Waterman's graphical calendar version of Sam's data
- needs work yet. Under construction.

photo by Masked&Anonymous:

What a couple of folks are saying:

Nate Smith sings from deep down because he really means it. I like his versions of Bob Dylan's songs, and many of his originals have that Dylanesque feel. His range expands when he plays old-time banjo to accompany his old-time songs about modern times. Little guy, big soul, middle-age crazy...good show.
~ Dave Fishken of Fishken & Groves, October 25, 2004

Standing at the microphone in an old soft hat with a beat-up guitar and a neck rack harmonica, Nate Smith mixes his own songs with Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen material. Other influences include Woody Guthrie, Joni Mitchell, and Pete Seeger. Nate is a frequent participant at the folk open mikes scattered around eastern and central Massachusetts and no Dylan tribute night would be complete without him, but he may also sing an old time traditional song with open back banjo accompaniment played claw-hammer style. His writing is playful. In the older song I’m A Sponge, he writes “Someday I might want to go away / by changing into a big stingray! / but right now I'm fine as I am / absorbing everything I can”. In 2003’s Anything, he writes, “You can be anything you want / just turn the next page, ride on a wind / let yourself go, set forth again / you can be anything you want”. Nate has one CD out*, a mostly live recording titled “Searching for Refuge”, and there are few copies left of an earlier tape called “Full Length Mirror”.
~ Geoff Bartley, November 1, 2004 *at the time of this quote

album photo by Dennis Olden & Fred Fluchel

Quick Bio:

Nate Smith has been writing & singing his own songs since way back in the 60's. Originally performing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he moved east to Massachusetts in 1970 and soon was making the rounds in Cambridge for a brief spell. Then he moved west to Fitchburg and took time off for a family. In 1999, at the insistent urging of his wife, he began singing at the Boulder Coffeehouse in Fitchburg, ably run by Keith Penniman. Soon he was back out on the circuit, mostly in the north Worcester County area, but occasionally making a strategic venture into the Cambridge scene at Geoff Bartley's open mic, along with visits as far northwest as Keene, NH. In 2003 Nate was able to compile his first CD, Searching For Refuge, with the aid of the amazing talents of soundman Don Goguen (see his site at It features 12 originals with 8 of them recorded LIVE. Local radio station WICN in Worcester, MA, played the 3rd cut, "Goodbye, My Sweet Marie", in their regular Saturday night program, Against the Grain, hosted by Nick DiBiasio. Now he has 3 more CDs out, Damage Control , featuring 4 banjo tunes and 3 others accompanied by bass & drums, along with 7 other tracks. This CD was recorded & engineered by Jeff Root at the famous Root Cellar! The 1st song, "We're Drinkin' Down Our Coffee" has been getting some airplay on Worcester's WCUW. And recently, along with singing several Dylan tunes, Nate sang 3 of his own tunes live over the air on WCUW. Following that came Landfall . Landfall features his famous song "Purgatory Express" and was then succeeded by his 4th CD, Backdrop Mirage featuring "Elevator Man" and "Pitchblack Mornings".

The hotLinks to the lyrics are ready. The 1st one you pick may take a moment to load into memory, but then the others should be pretty quick.

My 1st all-original CD, Searching For Refuge, featuring 8 live cuts, is out of print, but will be back!

total length 74 minutes:

1. The Jamestown Ferry
2. Chai Ling
3. Goodbye, My Sweet Marie
4. Maybe The Next Time
5. I'm A Sponge
6. I'm A Coward
7. Anything
8. You Keep Me Going
9. Hey, You Should Know
10. Shoreline, Watching
11. Night Sky
12. Flyin' Free

My 2nd all-original CD, Damage Control, is also out of print to return!

total length 66 minutes:

1. Selnty Boam
2. We're Drinkin' Down Our Coffee
3. Subliminal Criminal
4. In Otter Words
5. Craneal Activity
6. You Could Be Wrong
7. The Queen Of Hearts
8. Calamity Jane
9. The Blade Of Day
10. Rollin' Down The Blues
11. The Curious Incident Of The Pizza Delivery On The Outskirts Of Las Vegas
12. Goin' Down To The Wire
13. The Windowsill
14. A Little Bit More

....all expertly recorded & mixed & mastered by Jeff Root at the Root Cellar!

My 3rd all-original CD, Landfall, is back in print!,
also made at the Root Cellar!!

total length approx. 76 minutes:

1. Little Balloon
2. Cant Buy Into It
3. Snowflakes
4. Travellin' With Ellis
5. The Rapture's Nest
6. My Secret Heart
7. Not Gonna Happen
8. The Eye Of The Storm
9. Pigeonhole Blues
10. The Purgatory Express
11. Waking Here In Your Forest
12. Tommorrow Could Be Our Day

My 4th all-original CD, Backdrop Mirage, is also back in print!,
made at the Root Cellar!!

total length approx. 73 minutes:

1. Charlie's Camp Fire Rag
2. The Children Of The World
3. Gonna Get Blown Away
4. Ice Storm Family
5. Hey, Blue Skies
6. Cold, Cold Beer
7. Pitchblack Mornings
8. Through This Day
9. Ballad of the Sea Coach
10. The Elevator Man
11. Shame On You
12. Broken Glass

You used to be able to hear these songs at DF-Jams.

There was a SOLD OUT single CD featuring my song Here On Red Apple Farm . It had 2 bonus tracks included - The Curious Incident Of The Pizza Delivery On The Outskirts Of Las Vegas from Damage Control and an alternate acoustic version of Little Balloon from Landfall.

I may still be able to find copies of a CD single out to support the family of one of New England's dearest friends, Mike Duffy, featuring my song The Ballad Of Mike Duffy.

  • Click here to see the cover of Searching For Refuge ($12 + $3 shipping = $15, when it is back in print)

  • Damage Control is available the same way, when it is back in print!
  • Some of this photo collage for the Damage Control cover artwork is by Leo Rousseau

    Landfall cover photography by Justin Smith

    Backdrop Mirage cover photography by Justin Smith and a family friend

    You can order copies of these at some future time by sending me email!
    Or you can see me in person on the circuit when it comes around again on the guitar.
    For a complete view of ALL of my lyrics, click here.

    Nathan Smith

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    Past Local Gigs & Features:

    Boulder Coffeehouse, Fitchburg
    Old Groton Inn, Groton
    The Bull Run Restaurant, Shirley
    Parish Center for the Arts, Westford
    The Woods Hole Public Library, Woods Hole
    GALA Art Show, various sites annually, Gardner
    McNally's Pub & Grill, Westminster
    The Cantab Lounge, Cambridge
    Nameless Coffeehouse, Cambridge
    Red Apple Farm Thanksgiving Fest, Phillipston
    The Keene Music Festival, Keene, NH
    Fitchburg Farmer's Market, Thursday afternoons
    Fitzwilliam Farmer's Market, Fitzwilliam NH
    Sholan Farms Fundraiser in Leominster, MA
    Main Streets Market & Cafe, Concord
    Savoury Lane Deli & Caterer
    Stagecoach Inn, Groton
    The Loft at the Grange (formerly The Village Gate) at the Village Store, Brookline, NH
    Sweet Bites Bakery & Cafe, West Acton
    Continental Cafe, West Acton
    Sit'n'Bull Pub, Maynard
    The Gazebo Lounge in the Four Points Hotel, Leominster
    The Mariposa Museum, Peterborough, NH
    Webster House Restaurant, Worcester
    Bob Jordan's Dylan Tribute at Cafe Fantastique, Worcester, via Troy Tyree, Executive Director, WCUW 91.3/Rotman's Furniture
    WCUW's 2006 Bob Dylan Tribute, Worcester, 91.3 FM.
    Bob Jordan's Dylan Tribute at Elm Street Park, Worcester, hosted by Troy Tyree, WICN 90.5
    Bob Jordan's Dylan Tribute at Cafe Fantastique, Worcester, hosted by Troy Tyree, WICN 90.5/Rotman's Furniture
    Gardner Music Hall, Gardner
    Northeast Organic Farmer's Association, Hampshire College
    Wachusett Village Inn, Westminster
    Thunderbird Cafe, Barre
    Barre Folkfestival, Barre
    William's Restaurant, Gardner
    The Plough & Stars, Cambridge
    Blueplate Lounge, Holden
    Lake Ripple Lounge, Grafton
    Troy Coffeehouse, Troy, NH
    Lincoln Laboratory Concert Series, Lexington
    Knights of Columbus, Leominster

    Radio station play:

    WICN, Worcester, 90.5 fm
    WCUW, Worcester, 91.3 fm

    Open Mic Guest Host:

    The Nameless Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA, 2005
    The Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA, 2004

    photo by Jeanne Sable

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